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Embark on a Journey of Bespoke Elegance

When you choose to embark on the journey of creating your one-of-a-kind garment, you step into a world of unparalleled elegance and personalized luxury.

 I, Christine Cadogan, cordially invite you to initiate this creative voyage with a scheduled phone appointment, where we shall embark on a conversation that is as much about understanding you as it is about crafting a garment that resonates with your unique essence.


This initial conversation serves as an opportunity for us to get acquainted, for you to acquaint me with your preferences, and for me to gain insight into your fabric preferences. Moreover, it provides a platform for you to ask any queries or seek clarifications, fostering the foundation of a meaningful and collaborative partnership.


Following this conversation, a pivotal moment unfolds as I set out to meticulously source the finest fabrics, the very essence of your future attire. I take pride in offering a selection that combines fabrics of distinction, including locally sourced materials made in the USA and Europe, as well as those procured from reputable suppliers in the USA. The choice of fabric will invariably hinge upon the unique requirements of your design, with a preference for materials renowned for their durability and beauty, often originating from the USA, Europe, and Japan.


Once this selection is assembled, I expedite the shipment from Trinidad using an Express delivery method, ensuring your fabrics arrive within three to four days. Subsequently, I await your receipt of these exquisite materials, granting you the time needed to make your selection. Feel free to share your choice via email, or, if further guidance is sought, we can arrange another phone appointment to finalize your decision.


With your fabric selection in hand, I devote three to five days to the creation of your design choices. The specifics may encompass the crafting of two or three distinct designs, shaped by the insights you have graciously shared during our conversations.


Upon completion, I shall send you these designs via email, providing you the opportunity to review and respond with your preferred choice. Should any queries linger or further discussions be necessary, we can readily schedule another phone appointment to ensure your complete satisfaction.


As we approach the next phase of this creative odyssey, precise measurements become paramount to ensure a flawless fit. Detailed instructions on how to undertake this process will be provided, though I strongly recommend enlisting assistance for utmost accuracy. Rest assured, the guidance offered is straightforward, making it accessible to all.


With your measurements at hand, I commence the meticulous process of drafting, draping, cutting, sewing, and finishing your garment, a journey that requires approximately six weeks. In this endeavor, I meticulously cross-check the provided measurements, striving for the utmost precision in the pattern before fabric is cut. More often than not, precise measurements yield a perfect fit on the initial draft or drape. 


A structured pricing framework, inclusive of all expenses, including shipping, has been thoughtfully devised for each garment type, fostering a stress-free experience for you.


Thank you for considering me to be part of your sartorial journey.

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