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Introducing: Christine Cadogan



I'm Christine Cadogan, the creative mind behind my eponymous fashion label, Christine Cadogan. At my label, we redefine fashion by celebrating exclusivity and individuality.

Have you ever experienced the disheartening moment of encountering someone wearing the same outfit as you, despite investing significantly in your attire? It's a shared experience that has fueled my passion for fashion design and driven my journey in this industry.

Allow me to recount a personal experience that ignited my commitment to creating truly distinctive fashion. During the early stages of my career, in 2005, I found myself staying at the Sheraton Bal Harbour Miami with a travel-loving German companion. One day, as I stepped out of the elevator, I noticed a woman approaching me, wearing a skirt identical to one I had purchased in Trinidad and Tobago. This particular garment was a prized possession in my wardrobe, both in terms of cost and significance. However, seeing it replicated on another person left me feeling disillusioned.


Upon reflection, I realized that the skirt didn't do justice to her unique style, and I hesitated to wear it again. This moment served as a catalyst, igniting my determination to establish Christine Cadogan, my eponymous fashion label.

Christine Cadogan is devoted to women who have experienced similar moments, those who wish to avoid them, and those who appreciate the essence of true individuality in their attire.

As the driving force behind Christine Cadogan, my mission is crystal clear: to craft fashion that is not only one-of-a-kind but also tailored to perfection.

Are you ready to depart from the world of Fast Fashion and Ready-To-Wear clothing? Come, join me on a journey where we co-create fashion that epitomizes your uniqueness, ensuring that no one else will ever don the same ensemble.

Join us at Christine Cadogan, where each piece is a work of art, and your wardrobe becomes a canvas for your distinct style.


Christine Cadogan
Fashion Designer.

"Beauty is the gift of God"



Strathavon Road, Glencoe, Trinidad and Tobago

1 868 479 3247

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